“What makes a Good Music? What makes a song moves people? Is it the arrangements, the sing-a-long lines, the life-reflected lyrics, the mighty guitar sounds, the heart pumping kick & bass lines. What makes a great sound? Is it the compression, Is it the pristine eq-ing, the character of a transformer, the reverb ambiance to the trail of the vocal delay.”

He then came to find that the entire question above related one and another, which comes back to the owner of the music, the answer simply lies in the energy of the artist, the message their trying to confine through their music and lyrics, the soul of the music itself that the artist creates. This belief becomes the basic principle thru out his works.

Firzi O signature is not marking a signature sound at all, rather working based on the artist’s vision of what they want on their music, collaborating to create each time a distinct signature sounds that define the identity of the artist’s work at the time. Whether Producing, Mixing or engineering works he believes that the artist themselves knows their music best, he just simply bridging the missing gap, with the experience knowledge using his expertise and his “catch that lines, lines that catch” philosophy turning the artist’s ideas into a record.

Firzi O co-founded StudioMasakSuara.com and recently doing all his work there, working at a controlled acoustic environment with a home-like feel using Digital-Analog hybrid workflow. Remembers by heart the studio, all the list, and conditions of the gear, the acoustic of every corner makes it his conducive platform to produce goodness.